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Finally, a platform that gives you the power to create your own rewards and deals program!


Craft personalised rewards made by you, for your customers. From discounts to loyalty perks, you’re in control!


We know operations can be stressful so we’ve made it so simple for you to process rewards transactions. Just enter your merchant PIN and you're good to go!

Create coupon_edited.png
Create your own coupon that's best for your business


Customers claim deal_edited.png
Customers claim your deal and save it to their account
Enter merchant pin_edited.png
Enter your PIN to complete the redemption

Join successful merchants using Commun1ty to elevate their business. Setup your business on the app now and watch your business grow!

Need more convincing? Explore more benefits to using Commun1ty’s loyalty platform below.

Expand Your Reach.png

Expand Your Reach

Acquire new customers effortlessly! Widen your customer base with attractive offers that are advertised directly to anyone nearby.

Designed For You.png

Designed For You

No tech expertise needed! Our user-friendly interface streamlines rewards setup and management, letting you focus on delighting your customers.

Boost Customer Loyalty.png

Boost Customer Loyalty

Turn one-time customers into devoted patrons. Inspire enduring loyalty with a great rewards program that keep customers coming back for more.

No Hidden Costs.png

No Hidden Costs

We believe in transparency. Unlike other platforms, we don't take any fees from your rewards and deals. Your success is our success, and that's the way it should be.

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