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Say goodbye to missed orders and hello to better business!
Enable Whatsapp selling with one click
Share your weblink to customers
Receive customer orders by Whatsapp

Never Miss An Order

Get orders instantly through Whatsapp. You also get notified through the app, providing you with a double alert system for customer orders!

One Click To Setup

It's so, so easy! Once you setup your store on Commun1ty, all it takes is to toggle one button to enable Whatsapp ordering! Wow!

Share Your Online Store

With Commun1ty, you automatically get a webpage for your store and all your listings. Customers don't even need the Commun1ty app to order from you.

Talk Directly With Customers

With Whatsapp ordering, you have a direct channel with your customer. Answer questions, modify orders, and build relationships, all in one place.

Manage Orders Efficiently

Sayonara to spreadsheets! Manage orders, payments, and customer data effortlessly. Plus, it's synced with your mobile store so you're always on top of things.

Customised For You

Offer payments and delivery options that align with your business model. Create a personalised experience to fulfil customer orders.

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