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Authentic individuals. Meaningful connections. Infinite possibilities.
Commun1ty | Discover, connect, and engage with your neighbourhood
Commun1ty | Explore and find new discoveries in your neighbourhood

Are you looking to explore and find new discoveries in your neighbourhood?

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Or are you looking to meet with new people, and engage with individuals who share your life passions?

Commun1ty | Help others in need and support your neighbourhood and community

Do you want to help others in need and support your neighbourhood?


Ready to explore your neighbourhood like never before?​ Commun1ty is the perfect way to access everything your neighbourhood has to offer!

Commun1ty | Explore your neighbourhood like never before

Get Insider Recommendations

Needing recommendations for home repairs, pet friendly zones, or good tuition centres? Ask your neighbours and get authentic recommendations for anything you need!

Access a Local Marketplace

Browse groupbuys, giveaways, and for-sale listings in your neighbourhood. With Commun1ty, you can access your listings near you so you can check or pick up items conveniently.

Uncover Hidden Gems

Explore local businesses and find some hidden gems. Supporting amazing businesses that are located nearby creates a win-win situation for you and your community!

Score Exclusive Deals

Stay up-to-date with the latest promotions from your local merchants. With Commun1ty, you'll get access to relevant announcements and deals from your favourite businesses.


Looking to connect and engage with your local community?​ With Commun1ty, you can stay updated on local updates, join interest groups, and attend local events!

Commun1ty | Engage in meaningful connections with real, authenticated individuals in your neighbourhood

Engage With Real Connections

Engage in meaningful conversations with real, authenticated individuals. Plus, you can receive updates on local news, events, and even emergencies, ensuring that you're always in the know.

Commun1ty | Join friendly invites and exciting events in your neighbourhood

Join Friendly Invites

Looking for fun things to do? Join friendly invites and exciting events within your locality. Whether you want to meet new people, find sportsmates, or simply looking for some entertainment, Commun1ty's got you covered.

Commun1ty | Find new friends, meet new people, and expand your social circles in your neighbourhood

Grow Your Social Circles

Expand your social circle and tap into a supportive community. You can join groups that share your interests, and even volunteer your time to help make a difference in your community.


Want to make a positive impact in your neighbourhood? With our app, you can easily discover and support local businesses, share and give to your neighbours, and even volunteer your time to help others.

Support Local

Commun1ty | Support local and grow your neighbourhood

Navigate businesses in your neighbourhood, support them, and be rewarded for your loyalty. Help nurture your local economy and the people who live and work in your community.

Share, Offer, and Give

Commun1ty | Group buys and giveaways in your neighbourhood

Share groupbuys and group experiences, or go ahead and giveaway preloved items to others who need it. If you're facing difficulty or need some support, you can use the app to ask for help too!

Make an Impact

Commun1ty | Make an impact in your neighbourhood and grow the kampong spirit

Give back and make a positive impact. You can contribute to local causes, volunteer your time, or even organise community activities to help make a difference in your community!

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