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Best of all, it comes with a captive audience - your neighbours!
Commun1ty | Grow your local neighbourhood business


Receive orders and sell your products on Whatsapp!

Commun1ty | Reach your neighbourhood customer base

Are you looking for ways to reach a local customer base but finding it hard to do?

Commun1ty | Simple and effective digital tools for your local neighbourhood business

Or are you looking for simple yet effective solutions to digitise your local business?

Commun1ty | Build your own CRM rewards program to get loyal customers from your neighbourhood

Do you want to build your own rewards program to get more loyal customers?

Here's how you can achieve all that and more in just 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Setup your store

Create your beautiful digital store in 30 seconds! Best of all, this comes with your own personal weblink so you also have an amazing website done at the same time!

Step 2: Create your listing

Start listing your products or services! All it takes is just one screen to showcase your awesome offerings to your customers!

Step 3: Announce your store to local customers!

Finally, you can create a post to announce your store to local customers! With a few clicks, you can immediately reach a captive audience in your neighbourhood!

So what are you waiting for? Start your digital business today!

Still not convinced? Head down below to read more about the bountiful benefits that Commun1ty has to offer!


As a local business owner, you know how important it is to connect with your neighbourhood. Our focus on local communities will certainly help you reach your most local audience!

Commun1ty | Advertise to local customers in your neighbourhood

Increase Your Reach

Are you a new business or an existing one looking to find new customers? With our localised neighbourhood setup, we'll help broadcast your business to the right locals.

Engage With The Community

Promote your business, announce new items or services, and launch relevant deals. Engaging with a local audience has never been easier!

Attract Past Customers

Have something new or just want to remind your old customers of how awesome you are? Local broadcasts are the right place to get your regulars back through the doors.


Looking to move one step toward digitising your business?​ With Commun1ty, you can create a digital storefront for your business, including inventory and order management, with just a few clicks!

Commun1ty | Digital tools for your local neighbourhood business

Your Digital Storefront

Always wanted a digital storefront for your growing business? With Commun1ty, you can create a professional and attractive digital storefront in no time - all from your mobile phone!

Easy Product Management

Create product listings and manage your inventory in a simple and intuitive way. You can easily add new products, update existing listings, and track your inventory all from one place.

Digitised Order Management

Never miss another order or payment again. With Commun1ty, you can accept, view, and manage orders. You will also receive instant notifications when customers inquire or order your product.

Direct Customer Conversations

Chat with customers in real-time, answering their questions and addressing their concerns. With your responsiveness and excellent service, customers will easily become your fans.


Thinking of increasing customer engagement and loyalty? Our platform offers the simplest and easiest way for you to build your own rewards program, launch no-fee coupons, and gain valuable customer insights!

Your Own Rewards Program

Commun1ty | Your own rewards program for your local neighbourhood business in Singapore

Always wanted your own rewards program but solutions are complex and expensive to use? With our platform, you can create a simple and effective rewards program to help grow your business!

Launch No-Fee Coupons

Commun1ty | Coupons and rewards for local neighbourhood businesses in Singapore

Launching deals has always been painful and costly. But with Commun1ty, you can launch your own coupons directly to customers without the platform taking anything from your sales!

Know Your Customers

Commun1ty | Your own CRM system for your local neighbourhood business in Singapore

Curious about your customers and their habits? Commun1ty keeps all this information for you so you can learn who your customers are and apply winning strategies to grow your business.

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