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Commun1ty | Your Friendly Neighbourhood App
Commun1ty | Helping local neighbourhoods and communities in Singapore

We are a group of young individuals who are passionate about helping local communities thrive and grow. We have been nurtured and sustained by the love and care of our neighbours, hawker centers, mama shops, and many more. It is our goal to “pay it forward”, now that we are able to do so.

Commun1ty | Enabling neighbourhoods and community growth in Singapore

Commun1ty is a project that aims to support this goal of enabling community creation and growth. It is designed to be a free-to-use platform for different members of the community.

Commun1ty | Bringing back the kampong spirit in Singapore

We’re just getting started so the platform is sparse today, but we’re hoping it’ll grow in the future. We’d love your help and support to grow the platform, so that we can all strengthen our local communities.

Commun1ty | Building neighbourhoods and communities in Singapore together

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us below. Thank you for reading through!

  • What's the purpose of Commun1ty?
    Commun1ty is built on the idea that people are innately good and altruistic, and that our “collective whole” is greater than the sum of its parts. By helping people build, connect, and engage with meaningful communities, we are unlocking the power of the individual and multiplying it by the power of the group. Our goal is to enable community creation and growth around the world. Through our platform, we hope that we can help people find and create places they can call their homes – a place where they belong and where each member is supported by the other to achieve their goals. In doing so, we want to positively impact the world to be a kinder, more connected place for everyone.
  • Why is this different from all the other social apps out there?
    Commun1ty offers a fresh perspective in creating a wholesome environment where Users can have meaningful engagements with others around them. The platform aims to facilitate authentic and relevant interactions between individuals in a hyperlocal setting, with a strong focus on neighbourhoods. In addition, Commun1ty recognises the important role local businesses play in creating a thriving neighbourhood. With this in mind, the app seeks to empower these businesses by providing them with digital tools to connect with their local customer base and to succeed in their business. And that's not all - while currently centered on neighbourhood engagement, Commun1ty is constantly developing new, exciting ways to help Users - and local merchants - discover and connect with each other.
  • How do you monetise? Will you use my data to make money?
    We are not about monetising our users, but instead we are focused on creating a quality environment to help create and uplift communities around Singapore. We disagree with the unhealthy approach social platforms have today. Instead, we believe that it's important for social apps to create an uplifting environment that provides real-world benefits for its Users. In this regard, we are out to reinvent how a social platform can operate without making a product out of its Users. In the future, as we are not monetising User data, we'd love to ask for your support with our roll-out of premium features. For more information, please check out we handle your personal information at
  • What else can I expect from Commun1ty?
    We are a young platform but rest assured, we are working hard to grow and develop the platform. We are in it for the long haul with Commun1ty so there are many, many more cool features and services we have in mind for the platform. We'd love your help to build and grow Commun1ty together!
  • Can I give suggestions to Commun1ty on features I’d like to see on the app?
    Of course! We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions; and we’re always looking for ways to improve the user experience. If you have anything you’d like to share or for us to look into, please drop us a note at our contact form below.
  • Can I really setup a digital store for free?
    Yes, you absolutely can! Setting up a digital store on Commun1ty is super easy, barely an inconvenience! From your User profile, you can create your own store with "My Store". All it takes is a few steps and you have a functioning digital store. To top it off, your digital store will be sharable and accessible through a normal browser link, so even non-Commun1ty app Users can visit and shop your products. You pretty much have your own website and eShop for free with a super easy setup and management, all from your mobile phone!
  • How do I setup a store?
    Setting up a store is super easy! After you register your User account, just head on to your User profile and click "My Store". From there, it'll take a few, simple steps for you to setup your own store in one minute. The store can be shared and accessed by non-Commun1ty Users as well via a normal browser link. It's pretty much like having your own website and eShop, all setup and managed from your mobile phone!
  • How do I create listings and manage my orders?
    To create a listing for your store, simply go to your My Store account. Once you're in My Store, simply go to the Listings tab and click on the Create Listing button. That's it! Orders from customers can be found in the My Orders tab. By default, customer orders will be tagged as Unpaid, until you (the Seller) marks it with another status (e.g., Paid, Completed, Cancelled).
  • How do I specify payment and delivery options?
    In "My Store", you can click on the Payment and Delivery button to provide payment and delivery options and instructions for your listings. This information will be applied across all your listings for ease of use. When ordering your products or services, Customers can select their preferred payment and delivery option from those that you provided. You can also opt not to provide any information here and instead, discuss with the Customer directly on your payment and delivery arrangements.
  • How do I reach customers?
    Commun1ty provides a platform of local customers who can browse your shop and view your posts for any latest announcements or promotions. To improve customer reach, merchants are encouraged to create posts. These posts can be used to introduce new products, make announcements, or share upcoming promotions with customers. Users can see these posts in the Hood tab, as they look to discover their neighbourhood. To help you connect with Users, we have supersized the image size for merchant posts.
  • Is Commun1ty only for local merchants?
    Commun1ty can be used by any merchant to attract customers outside of their neighbourhood base as well! Users have different location filters so they can explore outside their own "home" neighbourhoods. We will also continue to improve the platform's location and discovery features to help businesses get discovered more by potential customers.
  • Why is this different from all the other solutions out there?
    For local businesses, Commun1ty provides a quality, local customer base. As they share the same locality as you, you don't need to acquire them as followers or create expensive ad campaigns in order for them to discover you. In addition, local customers play a very important role in the success of any business as they provide a stable, loyal base. Commun1ty also aims to provide simple but effective digital solutions for local merchants. There's no need to create multiple solutions that are expensive and time-consuming to launch and manage. With Commun1ty, you can get the most critical digital tools for local businesses in the palm of your hands.
  • What other features can I expect from the app?
    Oh, we have a ton of features lined up to develop! There's many, many more tools we are planning to launch and we can't wait to build and launch them for you! Unfortunately, we're only a very small team and we're building this app out of pocket, so please wait a short while. We'd love to have your support as we continue to build out the app!


We’re passionate about connecting people, building communities, and helping local neighborhoods thrive and grow! Right now, we’re hard at work to building and growing the Commun1ty.


We're a young platform but we're continuing to work hard to get better every day! If you have any feedback or would like to chat about new features you want to see, please let us know.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to drop us a note. We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for contacting us!

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